Paul Talbot Greaves Demonstration 7th March 2016

Open to non members for £5.00 which includes refreshments. We are delighted to welcome back Paul for another professional and informative watercolour demonstration. Sit back, relax. Paul uses an overhead camera to film his demonstration and projects this onto a large screen. The audience has a clear view from any seat in the room.
Artists Statement
My work reflects the rugged scenery of the landscape, either in the context of wild places or in the nature of the South Pennine landscape where I live. Here, I draw my inspiration from the remains of the pre-industrial era where crumbling enclosure walls and ancient pastures still survive. It is this or the open mountain and moorland terrain that inspires me to explore the spirit of historical connections using layers of colour, texture, shapes and patterns applied with energy and feeling.
Turning Autumn by Paul Talbot Greaves